71. Student Interview: High Stakes Player Comes out of Hibernation

February 10, 2018

Peter brings his student Chris on to the show, a high stakes pro from pre Black Friday who is now reemerging and jumping back into the games. The discussion follows Chris's quest to adapt to the modern games and apply his old skills in the new world of GTO planning.



October 15, 2017

The wait is over. 100 Hands is here. Join author Pete and Editor Karl as they discuss the finished book.


61. 100 Hands Sneak Preview. Episode 3 with Anthony.

September 13, 2017

Pete and his student Anthony have a very in depth discussion about two more hands from the upcoming book.



60. 100 Hands Sneak Preview. Episode 2 with Jack.

September 7, 2017

Pete brings his student Jack on to the show and they discuss hands 17 and 56 from 100 Hands. These hands feature a poorly played hand from a student and a complicated reg vs. reg spot in a squeezed pot. The podcast then moves on to other fun topics and extends way past the normal length of the show.


59. 100 Hands Promo

August 31, 2017

Pete is finally in the end stages of creating his next book and the sequel to The Grinder's Manual. 100 Hands will be available for purchase in a few weeks' time. In this episode, Pete talks you through the ideas and aims behind the book, the skill level, the format, and why he thinks this book will help aspiring poker players tremendously. The wait is almost over!


58. 100 Hands. Sneak Preview. Episode 1 with Laurie.

August 1, 2017

Pete and his brand new student Laurie discuss two hands from Pete's new book 100 hands, which is due for release in late September.


57. Solvers and Rake with Karl

July 20, 2017

Pete and Karl have an in depth discussion about site selection, rake, the structure of the poker economy, and finally the uses and dangers of solvers.


56. One Student Three Hands. Episode 2 with Greg

June 8, 2017

Pete brings his student Greg onto the show and they analyse three common spots Greg has chosen where the theme seems to be flopping top pair of Jacks.


55. One Student Three Hands. Episode 1 with Markus

May 24, 2017

Pete kicks off a new series where he brings on a student to discuss pre-prepared hands.


54. Ask The Coach Season 2 with Ben

January 26, 2017

Pete takes a sereis of questions from his student Ben on his own journey through the stakes and what the aspiring player should expect these days in trying to graduate through the limits.